flooded basement

If your basement suffers from frequent flooding, it’s not just water damage; a flooded basement may cause mold, mildew, and other hazards at your home. It can be prevented only by knowing the cause of water damage to save your property, reduce the risk, and keep your basement dry.

Here are the top five causes of a flooded basement.

  1. Your house’s location

If you live near a pond or lake, even light rain can cause flooding. In this case, the location of your house is the reason for flooding. The location is a problem for people who built their houses in an area that includes river areas, low points, and lower hills.

  1. Poor Weatherproofing

This problem is for the house that was built in a heavy snowfall area with poor waterproofing roofs. The snow that falls on your house will melt and penetrate your wall, or due to repeated rain in the area with poor waterproof roofing, it may cause flooding in the basement and damage your walls.

To avoid this problem, you need to decide the location where you are going to build and the climatic changes of the location, and use high-quality waterproofing technology for leak proofing. And you also have to install basement waterproofing to avoid a flooded basement in the future. This raises the value of your home.

flooded basement

  1. improper drainage system

The drainage system is the most common type of piping that collects water regularly. Ensure that the drainage system is working properly without any clogs in it. When it becomes clogged, drainage water leaks out and moves away from your home. This is also caused by insufficient basement waterproofing.

  1. Clogged Gutter

The gutter system is essential for draining rainwater; the rainwater on the roof is drained over the gutter system. If the gutter becomes clogged, the water may remain on the roof and begin leaking over the wall, causing strain on the wall and flooding the basement. The gutter system is clogged for various reasons, like pets, leaves, branches, mud, and other debris. You must hire an expert to determine where the leak is occurring and the source of the leak, and then you must repair it.

  1. supply line leakage

If there is any leakage in your pipeline, it will also cause leakage and turn your floor into a swimming pool. Here, you need to find the leakage and then clean your flooring; if you just clean the flooring without fixing the trouble, it will happen again and the moisture content will form mold on your basement surface.